Christmas Party

my new scarves
Yesterday we drove for about an hour after church to my Aunt Claudia and Uncle Jim's house, where we had an early Christmas party. The sun wasn't really shining but the air had a refreshing coolness that wasn't bitter to any sort of extent. Clouds hovered over the wintery atmosphere, as my family and I walked up to the house's front door. Before I even entered my Uncle Jim had already tricked me, by holding the door shut, while I pushed and pushed on it because he said it was stuck. Then finally he let go and of course I had been tricked. Hahahaha! I laughed a joyous laugh which had already confirmed the evening's comfortableness. A group of family stood around talking, as the food's finishing touches were completed. Sweet ham had been perfectly cooked and sat beside crunchy corn and fluffy mashed potatoes.  Creamy mac and cheese, twisted noodles, and loads of deserts also were happily served. The tv was turned down low displaying football games, while we all squished onto the couch or the floor to sit down and eat the delicious meal. Outside a horse, and two ponies skipped around and stared gently, yet intently at us with large tearful eyes. The barn which they stood beside was stocked full of eager and hungry goats and sheep. The air fresh and the sky turning to a faded blue with gray clouds dressing it, the dessert was eaten and the Steeler game on. The kids gathered in the back room and excitedly exchanged the gifts with each other. Decorative papers were torn and tossed, while the kids smiled and admired their new gift. After the excitement diminished, a pile of bingo cards were layed out and a bag of prizes were emptied onto the carpet. Each kid grabbed the card they picked and anxiously hoped to win one of the many prizes that rested on the floor. I won a couple prizes and I think that everyone at least got one prize. Once the game was over I sat down in the living room and talked with some relatives. We yelled as we sat on the edge of our seats at the Steelers who sadly lost :( Anyway before we left we played hide and seek in the dark. The sky now dark and a silky darkening blue, the wind was crisp, and the ground was moist, as we determinedly hid from the others. And that was about it. I had a delightful time. 

Jesus loves you!!!!!


Now that it's December the days are shorter and the weather is growing cooler. Today rain drops rapidly fell, and melancholy clouds dressed the gray sky. The outside air saturated my every breath. The breeze was frigid and crisp, which was quite invigorating. The warmth of the house welcomed us with a great hug. We tumbled in and made ourselves comfortable. The Christmas tree is now merrily
trimmed with white lights, creamy colored pearls, red, maroon, and gold ornaments, and a shiny bow. (more pictures to come) Tonight as the sun is long since gone down, my family and I are planning to watch a movie and eat pizza, don't you love Fridays. :) I hope you are all enjoying your evening.

Merry Christmas!!!
Jesus loves you!!!!

Hannah Elain



hi, how are you?
Today has been one of those days.
The Christmas production is in just a couple days and practices have become more serious.
I did get to go shopping and buy a new outfit, so that was a plus.
The shopping spree was over and I came home to a cozy fire as I sat down to watch the Voice.
 I wrote a poem today-


Hannah Brougher

The flaky shreds of winter's ice
descend from Heaven's majestic paradise

With  gusts of cool, en thrilling breeze
beating against the trees, as it please

The crunch of glittering snow reflecting off the sunshine sky
fills my ears with every step, quietly, almost shy

The cup of cocoa on the table steams with warmth and love
I sip and smile, thanking God who carefully watches from above

From the table I look and ponder the deepening, shiny snow
It swiftly abounding on twigs and branches, lying high and low.

Jesus loves you!!!!!



It fell with an elegant sway, landing on the the twigs and branches of the pine trees. A crunchy layer rested upon the wet grass. The snow was sticky and perfect in every way possible. The frigid air bit my rosy checks an nose. The nights have now been splendidly accompanied by warm fires and mornings full of hot chocolate.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Jesus loves you!!!

Hannah Elain


Oh Hello November

Hello Nanowrimer
Hello Snow
Hello Christmas decorating
Hello Christmas movies with the family
Hello Leafless Trees
Hello Play Rehearsal
Hello no homework
Hello Thanksgiving
Hello Cold Weather
Hello Bible Study with friends
Hello Crackling Fire Place
Hello Books
Hello Starbucks
Hello fall themed make up
 Good bye.

I thank my God, making mention of thee always in my prayers, (Philemon 1:4)
Hannah Elain


I want.....

I want one like really bad. 

 I want my tan back, hahaha well i'll just have to wait till next summer....

 I want to see my dog again we had to leave her in Oklahoma when we moved with a different owner.

I want a nut covered caramel apple.

I'll stop there or the list would go on forever...............


Birthday Party at Chucky Cheese

Today was my friend Hannah's birthday party although she turned 14 we still celebrated at chucky cheese and let me tell you it was a lot of fun!!!! We took our buckets of coins racing each other in Mario carts and I must warn you I can get competitive ;) IWeb then threw footballs and basket balls eagerly hoping by some chance the would go into the goal/ hoop. We spun a pirates will squirted water on the target to see who could make it to the top quickest. Me and Cassie climbed in the playground tubes and let me tell I seriously did not want to get atuck!!! Thankfully we didn't and safely made it out. After that we got on this bike think with a helicopter top and I peddled and peddled and up I went. We all squished in for sketched photos trying to squeeze our faces close enough to fit. The birthday girl- Hannah S. rode a horse not a real one of coast with one of the last tokens it sure was funny :D
We let the machine eat up our hard earned tickets that came to a total of 104. We then went up to the counter , but 4 rings and 4 whistles. Completing the party we sat in a corner and played this foot game that I don't know the name of but it was really fun although painful somewhat.
Happy Birthday Hannah S. !!!!!

Jesus loves you!!!!!!

Hannah Elain



It's crazy to think that it's November! Today we drove to my Grandma's house and there was snow all over the place, although though it was just a thin crunchy layer, it was still so much fun to see. The air was bitter and cold. Though only animal souls wandering about were the deer. The rest were hibernating probably, or something like that. The sky was thick with layers of melancholy clouds, refusing to show anything more than a glimpse of sunshine. Pasta, salads, and baguette were merrily served, as we sat and talked in the warm dining room.  After dinner my Grandma allowed us to enjoy a very scrumptious dessert, homemade donuts from the Amish(so good). The sugar sweet white icing was glazed over the baked dough. With every bite it just reminds you how unique and absolutely delicious this delicacy is. As hot water was set to boil preparing for the evening coffee, me and 2 of my brothers went into the basement to get the Christmas ornaments to decorate my Grandma's tree. Coffee served, Christmas music softly playing, a Christmas movie to enjoy in the living room with me, Caleb, and Jonathan digging through the Christmas tote, attaching hooks to all the hook less ones. Soon the tree was starting to come together spots here and there were quickly filled in with shiny red, gold, and green bulbs. White bulbs embroidered  with glitter were hung to accent the white lights and the angel resting on top with her maroon gown. Bubble lights were strung as my rosy cheeked Grandma told us of how she had bubble lights when she was younger. It was a precious moment, and one I will cherish. My brothers sat on either sides of the green carpeted living room goofing around and watching sponge bob.  I was a little annoyed at them for picking and not giving me the silence I needed to make sure this tree was properly dressed.They really wanted to go outside in the snow, so my Dad took them out just for a couple minuets, but that was enough time to finish the tree. The lights were strung, ornaments hung, and all plugs plugged in. The tree lit up with a lovely glow, standing there in awe, the pretty tree looked round and full. My Grandma sent us off and before leaving made sure I picked some ideal magazines to borrow (love those things). With hands waving, we pulled away onto the road. We then drove ten minutes to get to my Mammaw and Pappa's house and stayed they're for a couple hours. We sat and talked and simply enjoyed each others company. That was my day....a day in November.

Jesus loves you!!!!

Hannah Elain