It's crazy to think that it's November! Today we drove to my Grandma's house and there was snow all over the place, although though it was just a thin crunchy layer, it was still so much fun to see. The air was bitter and cold. Though only animal souls wandering about were the deer. The rest were hibernating probably, or something like that. The sky was thick with layers of melancholy clouds, refusing to show anything more than a glimpse of sunshine. Pasta, salads, and baguette were merrily served, as we sat and talked in the warm dining room.  After dinner my Grandma allowed us to enjoy a very scrumptious dessert, homemade donuts from the Amish(so good). The sugar sweet white icing was glazed over the baked dough. With every bite it just reminds you how unique and absolutely delicious this delicacy is. As hot water was set to boil preparing for the evening coffee, me and 2 of my brothers went into the basement to get the Christmas ornaments to decorate my Grandma's tree. Coffee served, Christmas music softly playing, a Christmas movie to enjoy in the living room with me, Caleb, and Jonathan digging through the Christmas tote, attaching hooks to all the hook less ones. Soon the tree was starting to come together spots here and there were quickly filled in with shiny red, gold, and green bulbs. White bulbs embroidered  with glitter were hung to accent the white lights and the angel resting on top with her maroon gown. Bubble lights were strung as my rosy cheeked Grandma told us of how she had bubble lights when she was younger. It was a precious moment, and one I will cherish. My brothers sat on either sides of the green carpeted living room goofing around and watching sponge bob.  I was a little annoyed at them for picking and not giving me the silence I needed to make sure this tree was properly dressed.They really wanted to go outside in the snow, so my Dad took them out just for a couple minuets, but that was enough time to finish the tree. The lights were strung, ornaments hung, and all plugs plugged in. The tree lit up with a lovely glow, standing there in awe, the pretty tree looked round and full. My Grandma sent us off and before leaving made sure I picked some ideal magazines to borrow (love those things). With hands waving, we pulled away onto the road. We then drove ten minutes to get to my Mammaw and Pappa's house and stayed they're for a couple hours. We sat and talked and simply enjoyed each others company. That was my day....a day in November.

Jesus loves you!!!!

Hannah Elain 

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  1. Your Christmas tree is BEAUTIFUL!

    Kaitlyn N.


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