Hi Girls!!! Start with this jacket with this shirt.
With these jeans and these shoes. You could also pair it with this purse. This necklace paired with these earrings would look great.
Jesus loves you all sooooooooooooooooo much and God bless you!!!!!



They try to help different orgamizations to help them win people to Jesus!!!!!!!
For more informaon  go to http://www.monkey4outreach.blogspot.com/


Fun ideas

After doing your homework do ever not know what to do?
Well here are some fun ideas you can do.
1. Make yourself a cup of tea and sit down and relax while reading a mistery.
2. Build a puzzle and then treat yourself to a some icecream.
3. Make your family dinner and ask them to tell you stories of their childhood.


Fun Finish

As Christmas and New Years Break is ending soon. Here are some fun ideas to do with the rest of your break.
1. Learn how to make duck tape bracelets.
2. Have a luxurious bubble bath.
3. Write in your journal your goals for 2011.
4. Invite some friends over and make crafts.
5. Start your own prayer group.
6.  Start a business.
7. Watch a movie you haven't watched in a long time.
8. Wear pigtails and look at pictures of yourself of when you were younger.
9. Make a scrapbook.
10. Play a game board or put together a puzzle with your family or friends.
11. Read your Bible and read a fun devotion.
12. Ask God for inspiration for everything, even to write a song.
Happy New Year!!!!! Jesus loves you all sooooooooooo much!!! God bless you all sooooooooooo much!!!!