Fashion this month

Hi so today I thought since it's Saturday I would do something I haven't done in a while and that is to make a fashion board......
Ok so it's chilly outside if you live here but the sun is warm and the air has a springy feel but you can still wear some winter clothing but trying to transition into a more fresh feel with less thick shoes, and getting rid of the gloves. For example on a Saturday morning get up, and try this.
elegant 2

$40 - laredoute.fr

Cielo jeans
$76 - eluxe.ca

Black jacket
$40 - newlook.com

Skinny leg jeans
$24 - missrebel.co.uk

Skinny leg jeans
$11 - jayjays.com.au

Diesel black boots

Ballet flat

Suede handbag

Wedding bracelet

$26 - witchery.com.au

Oasis knitted scarve
$32 - johnlewis.com

Photo makeup

Lip makeup

These outfits are both very simple the one on the left is very casual al you need is colored jeans, a jean shirt and a scarf. And for the one on the right all you need are some jeans, a knitted shirt, and a nice jacket. 
Jesus loves you,
Hannah Elain


Rainy Day

Yesterday, gray clouds bordered the blue sky. The sweet smell of spring filled the crisp air. Rain drops lingered on branches, bushes, and plants. The neighbors came out and gave me a cookie they made. We ate chicken noodle soup, once coming inside. Rain fell and the whole world was damp and charming. The sunset shined with pinks and yellows peaking out of the sky's gray mask. Have a great day!!!!

                                                                  Jesus loves you,
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Happy New Year

It's 2013!!!!!! The year has been full of everything from tears to laughs, from smiles to frowns. This New Years Eve was so much fun!!! I went to my youth groups New Years Eve All Nighter. It was crazy awesome. We played hide and seek, had a pillow fight, a short speech, and sang. I layed behind a doll house the one round of hide and seek, while lying there the room was dark and a faint light shined dimly against my frozen body. But.....I was found. :( At midnight the inflatable whale that hung off the ceiling dropped and the new year had begun. I started getting goofy around well maybe 3ish. While talking about movies I had said "Charlie Brown and the Chocolate Factory." Hahahahaha, it was so funny. I also fell flat on my back while trying to do a slam dunk, so funny. While the night air still was crisp and cool, about fifteen of us headed outside for a snowball fight. The snow powdery, yet slightly sticky. I also attempted to build a snowman with my friends but we had to go inside before we could finish. The rest of the morning I played card games, talked, laughed, and ate pancakes. It was fun!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

Jesus loves you,
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