These Days

Life these days has been filled with silly little boys, blue skies with fluffy white clouds, Bible reading, sipping on ice coffee drinks that are just absolutely divine. These days have been wonderful although there has been  some speed bumps along the way. Oh, and I just have to say that Nacho Libre is the best movie ever! :p Photography has been great, there are so many things to take pictures of. Pennsylvania is different than Oklahoma but think of it as a new adventure or the next chapter in the book.
God bless,
Hannah <3

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Right now we are still looking for a house and a job. Some things you just don't know how they're going to work out. Now it's easy to trust God when everything seems perfect, but trusting God when things are hard now that's a different story. I am so glad that we moved out here to Pennsylvania. It's just difficult sometimes not having a house, because it's nice to have your own space. A place you can relax and take a break.  Church has been great! Everyone is so friendly and nice, and they make you feel so welcome. Please pray that God would show us what house He wants us to live in and that there would be good job available somewhere. Jesus loves you for you not because of what you've done or what you look like!
God bless,
Hannah <3

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Dear Journal,

Today at 5am there was a thunderstorm. =( And I just happened to wake up at that moment. Now if you don't already know, I am not a fan of thunderstorms. I was up for an hour and finally fell back asleep. I went to youth last night. It was fun! I made some friends at church which is nice. Because when you move it means alot when you make good friends. I don't think I mentioned why my family and I moved to Pennslvania. Well, we moved because we felt God calling us to start a Dream Center. A Dream Center is an outreach center where we can give clothing, food, and go reach out in our communities by doing simple things like yard work. We are able to share the love of Jesus with the people. :D We did some outreach out in Oklahoma and now we moved to Pennsylvannia to continue the work. If you want to find out more about the Dream Center you can click here. I encourage you to reach out in your communities. Get connected to a church and see if they have any outreach you could volunteer in.                         
Thank you for reading my blog and God bless,
Hannah <3



John 3:16-18

16 "This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life.17 God didn't go to all the trouble of sending his Son merely to point an accusing finger, telling the world how bad it was. He came to help, to put the world right again.18 Anyone who trusts in him is acquitted; anyone who refuses to trust him has long since been under the death sentence without knowing it. And why? Because of that person's failure to believe in the one-of-a-kind Son of God when introduced to him.

These scriptures are so meaningful! God loves you so much, share that love with the whole world!

Fahion with Hannah {Safari edition}

I wasn't quite sure about what kind of edition I would do but I decided on a Safari edition. These outfits will have a touch of wild life/nature to give it that fresh safari touch. And be sure to leave a comment about which one you like best. =)

1. Start with this top paired with this pair of jeans, then for your shoes how about trying something like these.
Now for accessories how about a necklace  and some earrings, for a final touch how about a cute handbag like this.


2. Start with a fun tank top paired with a really cute vest. Try some jeans like these and some cute sandals like these. For your accessories how about a ring and a  funky pair of earrings. To finish off the outfit wear a cool pair of shades.

Jesus loves you and have a great day!



My Brothers & a Video

I would like to introduce my 3 brothers: Andrew, Caleb, and Jonathan. :)
linked this collage to A Ray of Sunshine photo challenge :D
This is Jonathan. He is 6 years old. He likes to play, get wet (as you probably noticed LOL) He like the movie Toy Story, and recently learned how to swim. It's funny to see him grow up. That's Jonathan!

This is Andrew and he is 11 years old. He likes football, basketball, and boxing. Oh, and mowing. =) He likes math and star wars. He likes talking on the phone (just like big sister). And that's Andrew!

This is Caleb and he is almost 9 years old. He is going into 3rd grade and likes basketball, football, baseball, and would like to do gymnastics. He is funny and also likes star wars. And that's Caleb!

I made this video today, I hope you like it-

Jesus loves you and God bless,
Hannah <3


I got Hilghlights!

I am excited to see what my hair looks like when I take the foil out!
Jesus loves you,
Hannah <3

ThunderStorms + Paper Heart Photo

I linked this photo to PAPER HEART PHOTO! Do you like it?
Paper Heart Photo

Right now it's raining outside and there is supposed to be isolated thunderstorms today :( Any who, I  went to a really cool event last night but I forgot to bring a camera. (WHY!) There was great food, cool dance preformances, fireworks, jupiter jumps, and more. I might get my hair cut today and I want to keep it kinda long if you have any ideas or pictures please leave a comment or send me an email at - christiangirlhangout@yahoo.com
Thanks for reading and God bless,


Hope For The Burgh

On Saturday my family and I went to help out at an event called Hope For The Burgh. We gave away backpacks with school supplies in them, groceries, hotdogs, cotton candy, popcorn, and drinks. They had a petting zoo and a horse ride. They gave away a blu-ray player and a tv and some smaller items. It was really cool!  We were able to bless people and share the love of Jesus with them! =)

Sorry I haven't posted for a while I've been kinda busy and be sure to check out this great post on Carlotta's blog. Thanks a bunch and God bless,
Hannah <3


I stayed up all night!

I woke up yesterday at 9:00 AM then at 7 PM I went to youth group at church and they were having an all nighter! I stayed up all night there. At midnight we ate hotdogs and burgers, and at 3 AM we had a service outside (it was really cold) and they had teaky torches and a fire in a trash can thingy. We sang a worship song and the youth pastor gave a small messege. Then at 5 AM we ate pancakes. We played lots of games like- dodgeball, hide and seek, a relay race, and more. I was pretty much awake until 5 AM and then I started to feel tired. I then watched Horton Hears A Who. My Mom and Dad picked me up at 8 this morning. When I got home I slepped until 4:30 PM. After I got up I sat around for a while and then ate a turkey dinner my Grandma made (yum). I am glad I went and I will enjoy my sleep tonight. LOL
Jesus loves you and God bless,
Hannah <3

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a Vlog

I made this video. After three attempt to make a video, I decided I liked this one the best. =)
I hope you like the video and God bless,
Hannah <3


Nothin' like homade ice tea...

After seeing many fun summer drinks on Carlotta's blog, and others. I wanted to make a simple drink that would quench my thirst on these warm summer days. :) So I settled on a simple ice tea.
All you need is tea, water, ice, honey, sugar, and a lemon. I heated up some water and poured it into a glass cup then I put a tea bag in and let it brew for a few minutes. After that I remove the tea bag and added ice. I put a spoonful of honey and just a sprinkle of sugar in it for the perfect sweetness. Then stir, and cut a slice of lemon and stick it onto the side of the cup for a fun summer look and if you want you can squeeze a little lemon in your ice tea. Finally, enjoy in the sun!
Jesus love you and God bless,
Hannah <3


Fashion Ideas (a guest post by Gracie)

Hi my name is Gracie im a friend of hannahs she asked me to do a guest post for her and i said yes she in pittsburgh doing something anyway a little about me
 ill get to the fashion later

i love Jesus with all my heart and soul i really like to sing, blog, take photos and im all about vintage i extremely like Elvis Presley ive seen alot of his movies ans like his songs ( i kno that was a little random) now for fashion

I kno summer is almost over and im really sad about that and sometimes you have to wear uniforms or not i have to wear uniforms big ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But for me i kno that i dont have to sacrifice fashion forever just because i wear uniforms so i found some really cool  outfits to wear on weekends or after school and those who can wear what they want you can wear these all the time so i have 2 outfits to look at
start with this shirt  (notice its on sale)
and these jeans( i kno these r womans sizes but what u do is subtract 3 from ur junior size and toda!!!i probably spelled that rong)
these shoes
and if you like bags this one
and sunglasses(cant have a cute outfit without them jk) thats outfit one

start with this shirt
and this skirt
and these shoes
and these sunglasses
and the bag on the other outfit would work too!!!!!!!!!!!!

well thats it and i hope you liked my post please check out by blog

Thanks so much
God Bless
Gracie <3


Power of the Tongue

I recently read this scripture: "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat it's fruits." Proverbs 18:21
What does that Mean?
It means that if you are speaking death then those things will come over you and you will be eating death's fruits. If you speak life then good things will come over you and you will eat life's fruit.
How do I control my tongue?
Well I would recommend thinking about what you're about to say and ask yourself am I speaking life or death, could what I am about to say hurt or offend someone?
Sometimes it is so easy to lash out with words when we get upset,but I know that with God's help we can talk nice and learn to speak when God wants us to speak and when not to speak. Right now I am working on watching my tongue and I wanted to pass on some advise to you. =)
Thanks for reading and God bless,
Hannah <3


Summer + What I Wore Wednesday

Summer is close to it's end, the school year is starting soon. So make sure you enjoy all these fun/lazy summer days. :)
I am enjoying sleeping in and eating breakfast when it's almost lunch.

I am enjoying watching flowers bloom and grow.

I am enjoying painting my nails red. :D

I am enjoying taking random black&white photos of myself.

Now lets get to What I Wore Wednesday-

Shirt: I got it from Walmart and then I tie-dyed.
Jean Shorts: My Mom cut my old jeans into shorts
Flip Flops: Acadamy
Braided Pigtails: I did those myself

Jesus loves you,


Paper Heart Photo

I linked this picture to paper heart photo. Do you like it?

Fashion with Hannah {Back to School} edition

Here is a cool and modest outfit to wear to school-

Start with this cool shirt paired with these darling shorts. For accessories add fun belt like this and some sweet shoes like these. For  your bag try something like this or this. Finish your outfit off with some cute earrings and a watch.

Do you like this outfit?
Jesus loves you,
Hannah <3


25 Followers Giveaway Suprise

Hey Everyone,
I was thinking how a hand written letter from me is kind of a small prize. So I decided that not only will the winner of the 25 follower giveaway will get a handwritten letter of encouragement from me, but will also receive a scarf I crocheted you can check out my work here.
Please spread the word. And remember all you have to do is these 2 steps for a chance to win the giveaway-
1. leave a comment about what you like about Christian Girl Hangout, and 2. Follow my blog, It's that simple!
Jesus loves you and God bless,
Hannah <3

Featured Item of the Day


Boro Glass and Wood Dragon Heart

from Venbead on etsy.com