100th Post Celebration

Hi everybody,
This post is our 100th post! So to celebrate I am proposing a challenge, that is starting right now, for the next 100 hours we want at least 100 followers.Tell your friends about this challenge, spread the news and please follow this blog if you can! Thank you all and God bless you all!!! :^)


Buggie Bike Ride

Yesterday evening my family and I went on a bikeride.
You may ask why I call it buggie. Well because as we were riding we would go through a herd of bugs just flying all around in a circle. LOL Sometimes when i would ride through this mob of bugs one would land in eyebrow or maybe even in my mouth. Yuck! But it was still lots of fun!!!! On our way home from the bike ride I was asking my Mom what those little bugs were and why did they fly in a circle? After a few minuetes of discussing I said maybe they don't have a brain. This made my Mom laugh. I had fun an I am sure the bugs did too. :)



Featured Item of the Day


Cast Iron Bathtub Couch

from ruffhouseart on etsy.com

CONGRATULATIONS , ruffhouseart !!!

Cookies & Cards

A day or two ago my brothers and I made some cookies. We didn't make them from scratch because I had no flour to use. So instead we decided to make sugar cookies from cookie mix. All we had to add was a stick of butter and 1 egg. When I went to get the egg I needed out of the fridge I realized we had no eggs. LOL I then went over to our neighbor to ask for an egg. They gladly gave me an egg. We than mixed it all together and made little cookie dough circles all over our cookie sheet and into the oven they went! And tada! They turned pretty good and tasted wonderful with a cold glass of milk.
Yesterday, I was trying to make some Easter cards. I made one and it turned out to be pretty decent. But I am still improving on my card making. :^) It was fun to make the card!
Thank You,


Easter Fashion

Start with this gorgeous dress, with these colorful tights, paired with this cute pair of wedges.
For your accessories start with this sheek handbag, with this necklace  and this adorable pair of earrings.

Home Sweet Home

I am finally back home!

I enjoyed seeing and playing with my dog.

It was nice to sleep in my own bed.



Family Road Trip

For the past couple days I have been on a vacation. It has been lots of fun!
Here is a list of some things that come with a family road trip-
1. Luggage 

2. Snacks

3. Roads

4. Stops Along the Way

5. Interesting Sites to See

And that is some of my family road trip!


Duck Egg

Whipped Fruit Parfa

                                               I made this the other day it taste delicious.

                                                             It is also very nutritious!

       Here is what you need to make it-

       1. Strawberry yogurt
       2. Bannana
       3. Blueberries
       4. Whip Cream
       Add it all together and walla, Enjoy!



check out the color purple. It is so fun and it is one of my faves!

See isn't purple fun! 



Guess what ?
I got blond highlights! I really like them!