hi, how are you?
Today has been one of those days.
The Christmas production is in just a couple days and practices have become more serious.
I did get to go shopping and buy a new outfit, so that was a plus.
The shopping spree was over and I came home to a cozy fire as I sat down to watch the Voice.
 I wrote a poem today-


Hannah Brougher

The flaky shreds of winter's ice
descend from Heaven's majestic paradise

With  gusts of cool, en thrilling breeze
beating against the trees, as it please

The crunch of glittering snow reflecting off the sunshine sky
fills my ears with every step, quietly, almost shy

The cup of cocoa on the table steams with warmth and love
I sip and smile, thanking God who carefully watches from above

From the table I look and ponder the deepening, shiny snow
It swiftly abounding on twigs and branches, lying high and low.

Jesus loves you!!!!!

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