October's Warmth

Rain fell softly against the fogged windows, the welcoming warmth embraced my chilled skin. Hot water simmered over the gas stove. I poured the steaming water into my petite white tea pot. Organic earl grey spices flavored the warm drink. I had a delightful little char with myself. Robust potatoes were rinsed, boiled, mashed, and served with spiced steak and cooked broccoli. Finishing, I scarfed down a doughnut. Our scrumptious meal was fit for a king. Rain still descending, soaking my shoes with every step. Joining my family we sat huddled in a circle tossing and rolling dice, formally a game known as Yahtzee. I must get going now for the time is getting late, I hope you enjoyed this little musing, now published through the blogging gate. (trying to rhyme, LOL)

Jesus loves you!!!!!

Hannah Elain

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