A Winter Sunset

There is just something about it. The sun setting behind an array of snow covered trees. The sky is relieved of its grayness for a moment when the warm colors of the setting sun fill it. The birds chirp, families come inside, and supper time is near, as every stomach tells so. The work traffic increases, the evening news comes on, and suddenly all that has happened that day is thought over. It may only happen once a day, so try watching while you can. 


New York in November

A couple weeks ago, I went to New York for the first time. I embarked on a one day bus trip with my Aunt to New York. So I packed my mini suitcase tight full of clothes, and headed off to my Grandma's house. I stayed their for a couple days, until 12:00 AM on Saturday after Thanksgiving. I was woken up and half asleep got in my Aunt's car to drive to the bus lot, to go to New York. By 2:00 AM, we were well on our way. I don't remember much, except for the fact that my pillow and blanket kept freezing to the window, because of how cold it was. And apparently, I was snoring, so yay. After many, many hours of driving we finally we had arrived. I was woken suddenly out of my sleep by Aunt urging me to look at the sun as it rose over the skyline. It was like a movie, but better. We were dropped off at a park that was probably the ugliest park I've ever seen, but what the heck, we were in New York City. Very few people were out walking at this time of the morning. The streets were quiet, but the air was nippy and the wind was frigid. We scrambled to find a place that was warm and offered some food for breakfast. After, we walked around for a while we found Starbucks. I was relieved to sit down, as we neared the shop. But to my disappointment, they didn't have any where you could sit, they only had bar like tables attached to the walls, where you could stand and eat. But at least we were warm, hahaha. My Aunt and I walked to Rockefeller center and watched the families and couples skate in the freezing weather. I saw the NYPD, and yes I heard one talk and he had an accent. We went inside and looked at shops and talked. Later that evening, my Aunt and I went to see a show at Radio City Music Hall. The streets got louder and busier as the day aged and it became more and more obvious that I was not at home any more. A jazz band in the subway station played tunes, while I got a donut. Lots of walking and skipping, and darting had been done through out the evening, but by the night I was worn out. Our bus wasn't coming for an hour or so, so we walked back to the ugly park and there in the night, little shops made mostly of glass were scattered throughout it. Christmas ornament shops, homemade soap shops, even wooden kitchen items, and ice skating was included in this tiny park. There was still some time left so we walked across the street to what looked to be a book store. When we got close to the sign, we realized it was a Japanese book store. But because of the freezing conditions, we went in anyway. hahaha. Thankfully, they had some English books too. The bus arrived at 8:00 PM, I think and I was glad to be on it, but couldn't believe my one day in New York was gone.  



the cold
is like the spanking we got as children
it is bitter in the moment
our breath is swept from us
but just think something as cruel as the cold
could only exist if we knew something better
the warmth that ravels us in spoils
has got us thirsting for its sweet taste
as the winter sets in
the ground is coated in white cake
it bites our toes as we walk down the street
the air is robust and fat with ice
that when it hits us
we are shriveled and frightened
the people rally and stare at the cold
no matter what it does 
we shall celebrate
this is the day of Christmas
Sweet smell of pine trees lined across the road
makes a smile form on children and old
Bulbs sway in the freezing wind
but never let go of the tree
Children wait and look through all the goodies and toys
hoping they may receive one
to get through the artcic storm
 Grannies and Grampas all happy at heart
homes full of parties and snacks
their stomachs full with cheer and ham
the nativity scene that is cuddled in the corner of the block
shines brightest of all on this night
now some may say the cold is too cold 
and should go away
but think about this
perhaps you'll consider
that without the cold 
this wouldn't be winter