New Year, New Looks

Start with this top paired with this adorable sweater. These for your pants. With these adorable heels. Go ahead and wear this creative headband with this necklace 


New Years Fashion

 Start with  this shirt ( I recommend wearing a long white sleeve T under it.) Paired with this vest. And this pair of cute heels. Paired with this cute ring.
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Yesterday we went to the mall and I walked into Claire's and I saw this adorable pair of fuzzy reindeer socks. I bought them and then we continued our shoping spree. As I walked around I got this feeling of thrill. Even just the thrill of carrying a small bag with a pair of socks in it. We should be thrilled at all the things God gives us, even a pair of socks.


New Cozy Look

Start with this and this for your pants. These for the shoes, I think the brown would go best. With this ring paired with these earrings. And with this adorable bag.


More Fashion 2

Want a cute new look.?
Start with this as a top, then this jacket,
these for your pants and these boots.
Then these earrings and bracelet accessorized with this handbag.
Start with this and this for the pants. These shoes and this bracelet
with this purse. Including these earrings.

Winter Fashion

Want a fun look as winter's moving in.
Start with this  and wear this under it, in the color white if desired. Then for pants where these
with these shoes.
For accessories go with something like this  , and this pair of earrings, with this bracelet
Start with this , then this with these shoes.
And for accessories  wear this with this
 for your purse something like this.
Thank you and Jesus loves you all soooooooooooooo much and you are all so special to Him!!!
God bless you all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!