Christmas Party

my new scarves
Yesterday we drove for about an hour after church to my Aunt Claudia and Uncle Jim's house, where we had an early Christmas party. The sun wasn't really shining but the air had a refreshing coolness that wasn't bitter to any sort of extent. Clouds hovered over the wintery atmosphere, as my family and I walked up to the house's front door. Before I even entered my Uncle Jim had already tricked me, by holding the door shut, while I pushed and pushed on it because he said it was stuck. Then finally he let go and of course I had been tricked. Hahahaha! I laughed a joyous laugh which had already confirmed the evening's comfortableness. A group of family stood around talking, as the food's finishing touches were completed. Sweet ham had been perfectly cooked and sat beside crunchy corn and fluffy mashed potatoes.  Creamy mac and cheese, twisted noodles, and loads of deserts also were happily served. The tv was turned down low displaying football games, while we all squished onto the couch or the floor to sit down and eat the delicious meal. Outside a horse, and two ponies skipped around and stared gently, yet intently at us with large tearful eyes. The barn which they stood beside was stocked full of eager and hungry goats and sheep. The air fresh and the sky turning to a faded blue with gray clouds dressing it, the dessert was eaten and the Steeler game on. The kids gathered in the back room and excitedly exchanged the gifts with each other. Decorative papers were torn and tossed, while the kids smiled and admired their new gift. After the excitement diminished, a pile of bingo cards were layed out and a bag of prizes were emptied onto the carpet. Each kid grabbed the card they picked and anxiously hoped to win one of the many prizes that rested on the floor. I won a couple prizes and I think that everyone at least got one prize. Once the game was over I sat down in the living room and talked with some relatives. We yelled as we sat on the edge of our seats at the Steelers who sadly lost :( Anyway before we left we played hide and seek in the dark. The sky now dark and a silky darkening blue, the wind was crisp, and the ground was moist, as we determinedly hid from the others. And that was about it. I had a delightful time. 

Jesus loves you!!!!!


  1. I love the horse pictures! They are so cute!

    Kaitlyn N.

  2. The horse pictures are great

    Morgan N.


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