My Current Favorite Music

Currently,  I've been really trying to find music that I enjoy. So on my exploration I came across a few of these artists that have absolutely beautiful songs. I recommend that you take a listen and leave me a comment letting me know what your favorite is. Thanks!

1. Conor Maynard

Conor's music is mostly soulful covers of modern pop songs. His voice is honestly beautiful and he obviously has real talent. I personally like some of his covers more than some of the origional songs themselves. He puts his covers on his youtube channel which you can find by clicking here.  A couple of my favorite songs are his covers of Hotline Bling, Never Forget You, and his medley of Elastic Heart and Love Me Like You Do. 

2. Justin Bieber

Justin's new album is literally one of the most lovely albums I have ever listened to. After he made claims of following his Christian faith again, you can see it reflected in his music. And I have a lot of respect for that. The music has an awesome message and was beautifully put together. To see how much God has changed him by listening to the change in his music is truly inspiring and makes me appreciate his music in a way I didn't before. Some of my favorite songs off his new album are Purpose and I'll Show You.

3. Hillsong

I've always appreciated Hillsong's music. It is praising God and is beautiful and is full of talent. And I still enjoy listening to it today. There worship music is touching and there is a real powerful message behind each song they sing. By listening to their worship music, it honestly allows you to realize that the things going on in this world is not the only thing that matters. Some of my favorite songs by Hillsong are on their album No Other Name. 


Flowers in the Attic

This past weekend I went to a charming cafe called Flowers in the Attic for the first time with some friends. The cafe was on the second floor of a old house with so much meaningful character. Some rooms had simply dressed tables to eat at and the other rooms served as gift shops. Each was decorated beautifully and really the decorations featured the historic pieces of the rooms. The server brought a pitcher of fresh coffee for us all to drink to the table we were sat at. And my friends both got a delicious meal for lunch there. It was quaint and elegant and I would honestly go back.


Seneca Rocks

Here's a few photos of Seneca Rocks, that me and my Aunt stopped by on our way to Black Water Falls. Apparently you can hike these mountains and I can't imagine how it would look being up there. We walked around and loosened our limbs after driving for hours and this was a great place to relax and get ready for the long drive to Black Water Falls.


Review of: Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is a 7 season tv show that is full of comedic acts that occur to a group of colleges in the Parks and Recreation department, hence the name. I personally have watched every episode and I have to say this is my favorite tv show by far. The cast is honestly brilliant and the writing of the script is spot on and hilarious. Before watching this, I didn't enjoy tv shows, because most would drag on and on. But this show was intriguing and I looked forward to watching each episode. They recently put the last, final season on netflix, so you can now watch the entire show from start to finish if you have a netflix. I would honestly recommend watching this and would give this show 5 out 5.
P.S- Please leave a comment, letting me know what book, show, or movie you want me to review next. 


Black Water Falls

Black Water Falls was one of the places I got to go to this past summer. There were a lot of people who had pulled off the road to come see this amazing sight. They had a deck that was the closest point you go to and it was literally like just 100 ft away from this huge water fall. I had never seen one so it was tranquil and it was so steady. It was crazy to think that if we would just go look outside we could see some of the most stunning sights. After this we drove to a dining hall but they were closed, so thanks to handy smart phones, my Aunt and I ended up going to this little local restaurant that was built in the center of a slightly run down motel. They had homemade chili, which is what I got and it was so delicious. It was a trip that was full of unique sights and tasty food from little local diners. 


With winter starting here in Pennsylvania, the weather has gotten colder and the trees have lost their leaves. I've had to get all of my old sweaters out and try to stay warm. Even though winter can be miserable it's still nice to be able to wear big fluffy scarves and cute boots out. And of course being able to look out your window and see the snow but getting to stay in the warm inside of your house. Hope you all have a pleasant winter. And I plan on hopefully blogging more, as I will hopefully be traveling more this year and plan on taking plenty of pictures on the trips.


Review of: Paper Towns

Now I as many people have done, I invested many hours into reading Paper Towns by John Green and watching the movie in theater. So at this point my total investment totals at $9.99 for the book and $6.00 for a movie ticket. Which is not that bad. Overall, I extremely enjoyed the book. It was mysterious and interesting but was not creepy. It kept my interest and had a nice sense of humor in it. I felt though that the book was deep and had a lot of meaning behind it so I wouldn't really consider it a fluffy teen romance story. It is sort of long and there are parts of the book that are a little too stretched out in my opinion, but it still managed to be entertaining. The ending was quite a shock and a little bit of a disappointment, not because of its quality, I guess just because you get attached to the idea of a happy ending. I think that the ending only made the hidden message behind the characters understandable and in some ways it had a more realistic ending than most teen novels. I would give the book 4 stars out of 5. 

Now for the movie, to be honest I was totally disappointed. It was probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen. At least if you read the book you'd realize that none of the characters seem to have the same personalities they seemed to have in the book. And they changed 90% of the details of the book when they put them in the movie. The only thing that really was the same was the names of the characters and the location of the story. The ending was completely changed! Which is a no no, unless you can make the ending better. But they made it so much worse. It seemed like in the movie they tried to make it have a more feel good ending, but by doing that they ruined the meaning behind the story. The jokes were not as funny and like I said I wouldn't consider this story a fluffy teen romance and I think they were trying to make it seem like it was in the movie. By doing that you were not watching a comedy, because again the jokes were not funny and not a serious drama movie either, because they removed a lot of the key parts that makes it serious. So I left feeling disappointed and would not go see it again. 
I would give this movie 1/2 a star out of 5.

Thanks for reading. What's your review of Paper Towns?