Ice Skating

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Last night I went ice skating for the first time! It was so much fun! I fell over a couple times but I finally got the hang of it. I was able to skate! I didn't take a camera. :( but that's ok I got to skate more. I had lost my voice so talking to my friends was not the easiest. And then a lovely pimple popped up in the middle of my face, I was like come on! :p But then after reading my magazine Bible, I realized it's not my outer beauty that counts it's my inner beauty that matters. So even though I fell over many times, LOL. God helped me to get back up every time and keep trying. By the way I recomend listening to this totally sweet song- "You Lead" by Jamie Grace.
Have a great day, Jesus loves you!!!!!
Hannah <3



This month God has really been working on my heart. I have been learning to trust Him. Sometimes life is hard, and we go through trials. But through all of it, trust God and stay in His Word. If you have a testimony I would totally enjoy hearing it. I think it would be encouraging to all of us. This month I went into depression, and really struggled. But with God's help and my family and friends, I am so much better now. I now know in my heart that Jesus is real and that He is hear for me. Some days all I could do was sleep and dance and write in my journal. I thank God for saving me!
Some of my recent hobbies have been-
reading "the note"
watching movies
late night shopping sprees
starbucks drinks
photo taking
listening to Christian music
coffee drinking
obsessively facebooking
How has your January been?

In Christ,
Hannah :)