Class Trip part 1

This week I went to Cedar Point, which is an amusement park in Ohio. The first day we left at 9:00 am. The air was invigorating, the perfect spring weather. I had a cup of iced coffee, a egg and ham sandwich from a bakery, and some orange juice, as I sat waiting for everyone else to come. Once everyone showed up to leave, we loaded our suitcases into the trailer hooked up to the van. It took about 4 hours to get there. We played mafia, war, and goofed around while we were driving. When we finally pulled up to the hotel we all happily got out and unloaded our bags into a room. We stayed at the Kalahari and it was sooooooooooooooo neat. There were mini restaurants in the lobby and an entire water park inside the hotel! Our room was the size of two and I had a grand time. After that a couple of people went to the water park, but I stayed and watched TV, ate chips, and layed down. Everyone came back and we ordered pizza. We watched a movie while eating and then stayed up watching stupid Disney shows. Afterward, we stayed up and texted a friend about gorillas.  Then I went to bed. As the next morning came, the peeked over the hills and the air was unpleasantly humid. We all scrambled to get ready and eat breakfast. Then we were off to Cedar Point. The roller-coasters there were fun and the food was delicious. Besides riding the carousel, at which I rode on a bunny, my class met up and played games at the arcade. They had some extremely old looking games that could have been from the 1960s. The park was right on the shore of Lake Erie and the wind was strong and cold if you got on the Ferris wheel. Down on the ground, the sun beet down on my sweaty back. But the lake's refreshing breeze helped me to keep decently cool.

Jesus loves you, bye........

Hannah Elain

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