Birthday Party at Chucky Cheese

Today was my friend Hannah's birthday party although she turned 14 we still celebrated at chucky cheese and let me tell you it was a lot of fun!!!! We took our buckets of coins racing each other in Mario carts and I must warn you I can get competitive ;) IWeb then threw footballs and basket balls eagerly hoping by some chance the would go into the goal/ hoop. We spun a pirates will squirted water on the target to see who could make it to the top quickest. Me and Cassie climbed in the playground tubes and let me tell I seriously did not want to get atuck!!! Thankfully we didn't and safely made it out. After that we got on this bike think with a helicopter top and I peddled and peddled and up I went. We all squished in for sketched photos trying to squeeze our faces close enough to fit. The birthday girl- Hannah S. rode a horse not a real one of coast with one of the last tokens it sure was funny :D
We let the machine eat up our hard earned tickets that came to a total of 104. We then went up to the counter , but 4 rings and 4 whistles. Completing the party we sat in a corner and played this foot game that I don't know the name of but it was really fun although painful somewhat.
Happy Birthday Hannah S. !!!!!

Jesus loves you!!!!!!

Hannah Elain

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