Nothin' like homade ice tea...

After seeing many fun summer drinks on Carlotta's blog, and others. I wanted to make a simple drink that would quench my thirst on these warm summer days. :) So I settled on a simple ice tea.
All you need is tea, water, ice, honey, sugar, and a lemon. I heated up some water and poured it into a glass cup then I put a tea bag in and let it brew for a few minutes. After that I remove the tea bag and added ice. I put a spoonful of honey and just a sprinkle of sugar in it for the perfect sweetness. Then stir, and cut a slice of lemon and stick it onto the side of the cup for a fun summer look and if you want you can squeeze a little lemon in your ice tea. Finally, enjoy in the sun!
Jesus love you and God bless,
Hannah <3

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