Fashion Ideas (a guest post by Gracie)

Hi my name is Gracie im a friend of hannahs she asked me to do a guest post for her and i said yes she in pittsburgh doing something anyway a little about me
 ill get to the fashion later

i love Jesus with all my heart and soul i really like to sing, blog, take photos and im all about vintage i extremely like Elvis Presley ive seen alot of his movies ans like his songs ( i kno that was a little random) now for fashion

I kno summer is almost over and im really sad about that and sometimes you have to wear uniforms or not i have to wear uniforms big ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But for me i kno that i dont have to sacrifice fashion forever just because i wear uniforms so i found some really cool  outfits to wear on weekends or after school and those who can wear what they want you can wear these all the time so i have 2 outfits to look at
start with this shirt  (notice its on sale)
and these jeans( i kno these r womans sizes but what u do is subtract 3 from ur junior size and toda!!!i probably spelled that rong)
these shoes
and if you like bags this one
and sunglasses(cant have a cute outfit without them jk) thats outfit one

start with this shirt
and this skirt
and these shoes
and these sunglasses
and the bag on the other outfit would work too!!!!!!!!!!!!

well thats it and i hope you liked my post please check out by blog

Thanks so much
God Bless
Gracie <3

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  1. this is gracie i just realized how long my post was sorry :(


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