I stayed up all night!

I woke up yesterday at 9:00 AM then at 7 PM I went to youth group at church and they were having an all nighter! I stayed up all night there. At midnight we ate hotdogs and burgers, and at 3 AM we had a service outside (it was really cold) and they had teaky torches and a fire in a trash can thingy. We sang a worship song and the youth pastor gave a small messege. Then at 5 AM we ate pancakes. We played lots of games like- dodgeball, hide and seek, a relay race, and more. I was pretty much awake until 5 AM and then I started to feel tired. I then watched Horton Hears A Who. My Mom and Dad picked me up at 8 this morning. When I got home I slepped until 4:30 PM. After I got up I sat around for a while and then ate a turkey dinner my Grandma made (yum). I am glad I went and I will enjoy my sleep tonight. LOL
Jesus loves you and God bless,
Hannah <3

P.S- I finished the scarf for the giveaway I just need 13 more people to follow so I can give it away. =)
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