Oklahoma {the play}

Last night me and my family plus 2 friends went to a play called OKLAHOMA. It was cool! They served dinner which was a barbeque burger, baked beans, corn (which smelled de-o-luscious) and more. I had some ice cold lemonade to drink. There was lots of fun things to do. :) The play was great and funny too. Enjoy the pics below.

My Plate of Food (yum)

lemonade :p

My bros riding mini horses
Toby the mini horse

Me, aren't I elegant?

My friend Gracie
Face Painting

My awesome Dad

My Dad, Mom, and Little Bro
An Native American Dancer

Me and Gracie
Ladies singing

More singing

My Mom and Dad

The Stage
2 is better than 1 :)

Jesus loves you and God bless,
Hannah <3

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