Happy New Year

It's 2013!!!!!! The year has been full of everything from tears to laughs, from smiles to frowns. This New Years Eve was so much fun!!! I went to my youth groups New Years Eve All Nighter. It was crazy awesome. We played hide and seek, had a pillow fight, a short speech, and sang. I layed behind a doll house the one round of hide and seek, while lying there the room was dark and a faint light shined dimly against my frozen body. But.....I was found. :( At midnight the inflatable whale that hung off the ceiling dropped and the new year had begun. I started getting goofy around well maybe 3ish. While talking about movies I had said "Charlie Brown and the Chocolate Factory." Hahahahaha, it was so funny. I also fell flat on my back while trying to do a slam dunk, so funny. While the night air still was crisp and cool, about fifteen of us headed outside for a snowball fight. The snow powdery, yet slightly sticky. I also attempted to build a snowman with my friends but we had to go inside before we could finish. The rest of the morning I played card games, talked, laughed, and ate pancakes. It was fun!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

Jesus loves you,
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