Black Water Falls

Black Water Falls was one of the places I got to go to this past summer. There were a lot of people who had pulled off the road to come see this amazing sight. They had a deck that was the closest point you go to and it was literally like just 100 ft away from this huge water fall. I had never seen one so it was tranquil and it was so steady. It was crazy to think that if we would just go look outside we could see some of the most stunning sights. After this we drove to a dining hall but they were closed, so thanks to handy smart phones, my Aunt and I ended up going to this little local restaurant that was built in the center of a slightly run down motel. They had homemade chili, which is what I got and it was so delicious. It was a trip that was full of unique sights and tasty food from little local diners. 

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