Smoke Hole Caverns

 This summer I got the opportunity to go to Smoke Hole Caverns, a cave system, with my Aunt. We stayed at the lodge which was conveniently right next to the caverns. Staying there, in the middle of nowhere, there wasn't much to do, except play uno, sit on the porch, or watch one of the few available tv channels on the small ancient television. When we were hungry there was only one restaurant near the caverns, so that is where we ate breakfast and dinner. During dinner there I ordered a meal that included a giant fish, mac and cheese, and french fries. Which was so unhealthy and greasy. After I ate half of the giant monster of a fish, I didn't think I was ever going to eat again. But then I heard that they had chocolate pie and like any person , I ate a slice of pie. I felt like some cross between a sloth and a slug afterwards. As soon as we got back the lodge I put on my yoga pants and laid down in bed barely moving, watching The Fairly Odd Parents and stayed that way till the next morning. The next morning we got to go inside of the caverns. Going inside the cave, it was amazing to see all the formations. It was definitely worth the drive. After touring the cave we left the lodge and headed to Seneca Rocks, which I will be posting pictures of soon.

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