The Health Goal

Ok hi. It's been a while. I recently haven't posted anything but pictures recently and I just wanted to write something. This summer I have been wanting to become healthier and lose weight. Now let me just say losing weight is suckish and hard. I've stayed up late researching the latest diets and exercise routines. And I still wasn't fully seeing the results I wanted. Yesterday, I weighed myself for the first time since the end of June. The doctor told me I weighed 138 in June, but when I recently weighed myself I found out I have lost almost 5 pounds! Now I know that is not as much as I was hoping to lose, but it is still a start. My goal is to get down around 127ish. Now I am not one of those girls who is going to eat rice cakes or weird protein shakes 24/7, I will gladly eat a bacon cheeseburger from Wendy's! hahaha. I hopefully by the end of this month will eliminate all sugar except fruit and an occasional dessert from my daily diet. It's going to be hard and I know I'll screw up at moment, I already have. I will be posting an update on here every once and a while. Thanks for reading!

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