warm and sunny

Now even though it's fall it was warm and sunny today. I could actually go outside barefoot. One thing nice about sunny days is that it's a great time to take pictures.

My little bro Jonathan and me headed outside to sip on some refreshing ice tea. I was quite delicious. Especially since the weather was perfect not to hot not to cold, although we did have to go inside then because we were using glass cups. I still enjoyed the yummy drink inside with the sun shining through the window. 

While Jonathan and me sat at the table still drinking our ice tea, I picked up a grocery store paper, and I immediately saw carmel apples, yum! And guess what! My Mom gets back from the grocery store and guess what she got. Yep, carmel apples! Thanks Mom!

 Fall screams pumpkins and pumpkins scream fall, for not one could go with out the other. Oh, I just absolutely enjoy fall! My Mom makes the best pumpkin soup at least I think so, I hope she will make some like really soon.
I won these lovlies on a giveaway over at A Ray Of Sunshine! :)

 If you didn't  notice already I like taking pictures of flowers and {ahem} making silly faces.

Tonight we rented movies, have carmel apples, and by the way my b-day is in 4 days! What are you doing today?

Jesus loves you so much!!!!!
Hannah :)


  1. What in the world is caleb doing

  2. He is up in this fort/club house my Grandpa made.

  3. i heartness the picture of the purple flower i draw those like almost every single day


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