I am excited!

entering this photo in A Ray of Sunshine photo challenge

 Hi everybody, what is up? I am like SUPER excited right now my friend from Oklahoma is coming to visit me in around 2 1/2 weeks! By the way, I only need 8 more people to follow my blog, so that I can give away a scarf I crocheted. My Grandparents have ducks, so that explains the duck picture. My family and I went to Chuck E. Cheese today, it was fun! :) Me and my bro combined our tickets and purchased an angry bird stuffed animal. We named him- Detroit Derby Red-Feather Jr. LOL! I made a video so enjoy-

                          By the way I meant I need eight more people to follow, not seven.

Jesus has a plan and a purpose for your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah <3

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  1. I saw your picture in the photo contest finalists @ A Ray of Sunshine! (I voted for you to :))
    Your video is awesome too. I wish I had woods. Anyways, lovely post


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