Sweet 16

Well I'm 16. One day I've been looking forward to for forever. I have to say being 16 is not all that the movies make it out to be. What makes a birthday special is the ones who care about you showing up and celebrating with you. My family came and it meant a lot for them to show up. I feel the same sort of but a lot of things have happened this year, which have made me feel more like an adult. 1. I got a job! I now work at chickfila. I am surprised I got hired considering I said the word crap while talking to manger interviewing me. Hahaha, my bad. 2. I go to public school! Now this may not seem hard to majority of people, but for me it was like going into a warzone. I had never gone to public school and thought I'd get beet up or bullied, but so far its not that bad. 3. I can get my permit! The fact that I can drive is crazy. I am going to get my permit this month I think. So ya I will be driving my parent's minivan. Or a bike. That's about it.

Photos taken by my Mamaw. 

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