Todd & Anya Wedding part 1

The day was perfect for a September wedding. (that definitly had to do with God) The air was crisp and cool, the sun shined against the rich, full, scrumptious apple trees. The sweet scent of kettle corn popping, the light bustle of the long grass gently soothed the anticipated guests. Family hugged and greeted one another with hugs and kisses. The next thing you knew the seated attendees slowly turned to face rear landscape painted with a blue sky, green grass, farmers market filled with pumpkins, homemade jam, and fresh produce. A bulky blue tractor carried a simple wood wagon where the bride and her bridesmaids eagerly awaited. The tractor pulled to halt, and the ceremony began. The bridesmaids with the country styled outfits were sweetly escorted by the well dressed groomsmen down the soft isle of pictures elegantly lined with bouquets of fall flowers. The bride in her lace lined gown followed. The groom excitedly stared at his wife to be. Her eyes floated and a glowing smile shown upon her face. The rest of the event carried on with the vows as the held hads never wanting to let go and said "I do."

Jesus loves you!!!!!!!


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  1. What a beautiful wedding!!! I wish I was there!
    Kaitlyn N. :)


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