rain, rain, go away

Yesterday and Today rain drops have been pelting from the sky. So I grabbed an umbrella and a camera and headed outside. A lot of the photos I took didn't turn because it was kinda dark outside. But I still got a few good shots. Today we are having a family picnic but it will probably be an inside picnic because of the rain.
What will you be doing today?

In Christ,
Hannah :D


  1. Hannah!!! I love you so much!!! thank you bunches for putting me on your "Elegant Blogs" page!!! I actually had some people come from that page to my blog (says mad stats, at least!)!!!! I'm so happy and you've made my day! And how did you make the button?? I'll use that one for my blog!

  2. I actually copied your header and just pasted it and chose for it to be small. :)


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